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Test Prep & Tutoring

The SAT COMPLETE Curriculum



  • In this class, you will

    • expand your academic vocabulary,

    • improve your lexile and grammar,

    • explore the main genres of writing in the SAT Reading section, and

    • learn about SAT question design.

  • Designed for students in 8th through 10th grade, with little or no prior experience with the SAT.



  • In this class, you will

    • identify and tackle specific weaknesses in your academic reading and writing,

    • effectively apply problem-solving techniques to the test, and

    • create a highly adaptable essay template.

  • Designed for students who have taken SAT Foundation or passed the TopScore SAT placement test.



boot camp

  • Four full-day sessions offered on four consecutive weekends leading up to an SAT test. Each session of the SAT Boot Camp consists of

  • a morning mock test that simulates real test day settings,

  • accurate grading based on the official SAT curve,

  • a comprehensive answer analysis report, and

  • a Q&A session with an experienced member of the SAT teaching staff  following the mock test.




  • Preparatory class for the annual AMC 12 and AP exams. 2-3 hours of class per week.

  • Subjects offered: AMC 12, AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science A, AP Microeconomics.

  • Max. enrollment capacity: 6.

Pre College



  • Designed to give graduating high school seniors a head start in their college studies.

  • Subjects offered: College English 103: Critical Writing and Communication 1: Principles of Oral Communication


Individual Coaching



  • SAT 1-on-1

    • Helps identify and tackle lingering weaknesses on the SAT after the student has taken SAT Advance.

  • AP/SAT Subjects 1-on-1

    • Subjects offered: Calculus AB/BC, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science A, Chemistry, Biology, and Studio Art/Drawing.

  • TOEFL/IELTS 1-on-1

  • Art Portfolio 1-on-1


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